Is this art?

Just Wondering

I don’t know anything about art. What’s the definition of it? How can you recognize it?  When you go to a museum you know that what you’re going to see is art. When you go to a gallery what you’ll see is art. But when you go to the woods all you see is trees and animals, or?

Not long ago we had a funny experience.

We wanted to go for a walk and drink some coffee afterwards. Nothing special really. For this reason we went to Soest. At least that’s what we originally set out for. En route we passed a sign for Castle Groeneveld which made us change our mind. We thought: what the heck, why not see the castle instead. So we did. This proved to be a good decision.


The castle was beautiful.

Behind the building was a big park. Big green lawns. Great trees. Little…

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