Kranenburgh, Culturele Buitenplaats in Bergen

Chiel maakt een enorm kunstwerk in de tuin van KRANENBURGH.
KRANENBURGH is door de verbouwing vervijfvoudigd in haar oppervlakte en naast het tonen van kunstwerken is er nu letterlijk ruimte voor nog veel meer.

Dit grappige filmpje laat zien waar KRANENBURGH nu voor staat en in de tuin van deze culturele Buitenplaats, daar gebeurt het..
Daar is Chiel aan het werk.


Is this art?

Just Wondering

I don’t know anything about art. What’s the definition of it? How can you recognize it?  When you go to a museum you know that what you’re going to see is art. When you go to a gallery what you’ll see is art. But when you go to the woods all you see is trees and animals, or?

Not long ago we had a funny experience.

We wanted to go for a walk and drink some coffee afterwards. Nothing special really. For this reason we went to Soest. At least that’s what we originally set out for. En route we passed a sign for Castle Groeneveld which made us change our mind. We thought: what the heck, why not see the castle instead. So we did. This proved to be a good decision.


The castle was beautiful.

Behind the building was a big park. Big green lawns. Great trees. Little…

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